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Product & Offer Design

Product Offer & Design

MMI creates opportunities to reap additional revenue while building long-term brand value and loyalty. Clients have instant access to a deep trove of available products, which can be offered with no financial investment or administrative burden. We provide a truly turnkey experience for clients that wish to get the full potential out of their customer relationships.

MMI Group is unique in the industry in our ability to go beyond existing products and services. With in-house financial and actuarial expertise, we can design and price new products to fit our clients' specific needs or to better appeal to the distinctive profile of their customers. Careful product creation ensures maximum affordability, value, and profitability.

Products and offers must be designed in an increasingly challenging legal and regulatory environment. MMI has the experience to navigate these considerations, ensuring compliance without sacrificing effectiveness. We have achieved this success within complex insurance, financial, and other highly regulated and technical industries.

Whatever the distribution channel, we have the talent to craft the right offer to match product benefits and customer preferences.

Some examples from our existing product portfolio include:

   Insurance              Protection              Ancillary
   • Supplemental Accident              • Identity Protection              • Medical Bill Coordination
   • Accidental Death              • Family Internet Safety              • Home & Auto Savings
   • Hospital Indemnity              • Home Warranty              • Personal Security
   • Disability              • Electronic Warranty              • Survivor Assistance

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