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Holding vendors accountable to client goals

Vendor Management

Vendor Management

Our years of experience as the industry leader has allowed us to build long-standing relationships with multiple best-in-class vendors within the marketing industry.

We have earned the respect and understanding of our vendor partners because of our open and transparent dealings. We hold ourselves accountable to the same high standards we set for vendors, and we align goals so that success for our clients translates to success for our vendors. We encourage competition, reward for performance, and never show preferential treatment.

MMI Group takes an active role in evaluating, recommending, and managing vendors. We ensure all licensure and technical considerations are met. We actively monitor the daily activities of the multiple vendors involved, and we put safeguards in place to ensure all target metrics are continuously met. We proactively coach to boost performance, and we adapt quickly as we analyze new data. To ensure all program requirements are followed, we regularly audit vendor protocols and hold them accountable for compliance.

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