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Improving customer loyalty improves profitability

Customer Retention

Customer Retention

The customer service experience is critical for many reasons, most importantly the financial viability of a company's marketing efforts. MMI Group has documented proof of our ability to significantly improve existing retention and customer service marketing results. Because our programs require very little investment and MMI earns our compensation based only on performance improvement, clients can test them at no risk.


It is a well-known marketing truth that it costs much more to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing one. Customer loyalty hinges on the company's efforts to keep them happy. Moreover, a company's carefully budgeted efforts to acquire new customers depend on those customers remaining in-force for the long term. Customer retention efforts can exponentially grow the profitability of any direct marketing program.

MMI has proven our ability to significantly improve the retention efforts over our customers' past efforts. We utilize many time-tested techniques to professionally address and resolve customer concerns. A customer who has had a positive customer service experience often becomes even more loyal than the average customer.

For an example of our successful retention efforts, please read the Case Studies on our Testimonials page.

Customer Service Marketing

A customer service interaction is not only an opportunity to generate customer goodwill and loyalty, it is the ideal time to present new offers. There is no better customer than an individual who has already responded positively to a previous offer. MMI can help our clients leverage their existing customer relationships to generate new sales and make each existing customer more profitable.

Today's customers are more savvy, and in a competitive business environment, they expect companies to offer incentives to maintain their loyalty. Up-selling and cross-selling valuable and relevant products and services is the ideal way to maximize customer value while increasing return to our clients.

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