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Customer Acquisition

Customer Acquisition

Companies may spend a large portion of their marketing budget to build brand awareness. But it is not enough to build a strong brand and hope customers will find you. Direct marketing allows companies to reach out directly to a target audience with not only a message, but with a compelling offer that immediately acquires new customers. And return on direct marketing investment can be directly measured, making it the most efficient use of marketing dollars.

While most companies view sales and marketing as core internal functions, direct marketing is a discipline that greatly benefits from specific expertise. MMI Group has been managing customer acquisition programs for three decades, producing superior results compared to internal marketing efforts. Our compensation is entirely performance based, meaning our success is tied directly to the success of our clients.

MMI Group can be the single point of contact for every part of the customer acquisition process:

  • • Strategy, targeting, segmentation
  • • Marketing channel recommendations
  • • Evaluation and selection of vendors
  • • Marketing material development, production, and coordination
  • • Program and systems setup
  • • Daily performance management
  • • Training, testing, and continuous improvement
  • • Operational audits and on-site visits
  • • Quality assurance implementation and management
  • • Sales management and reconciliation
  • • Centralized reporting and performance comparisons

As technology and consumer behavior shift, we have adapted to meet this changing environment. We utilize a mix of traditional and online marketing channels:

   Traditional              Online
   • Telesales              • Email
   • Direct Mail              • Search Optimization
   • Statement Inserts              • Pay-Per-Click
   • Lead Generation              • Mobile Marketing

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