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Marketing Services

Leverage three decades of experience to enhance your internal direct marketing efforts



Marketing Services

MMI's team of marketing professionals provides expertise to improve existing campaign performance. Our process-driven, analytical approach will increase ROI and quality for both new and mature customer acquisition and retention programs.

MMI's in-house actuarial support allows us to provide our clients with direction regarding:

  • • Pricing and product design
  • • Claims and benefit usage experience
  • • Marketing cost analysis

Once we understand your current benchmarks, service level standards, and performance goals, we develop action plans to enhance your processes and recommend new approaches to increase response and improve quality. Most importantly, we can follow through on these action plans, allowing you and your team to focus on the strategic direction of the program.

Risk Mitigation Services

The regulatory landscape for marketing has become dramatically more complex. Having managed many large-scale marketing programs within heavily regulated industries, MMI has developed policies, procedures, and best practices that can withstand the toughest scrutiny and ensure the continued success of your marketing efforts.

By documenting and communicating approved policies and procedures, we continuously assess the effectiveness of current practices and help manage ongoing compliance risk. MMI's risk mitigation services provide comfort in knowing that all marketing processes are documented, trained, implemented, and audited for compliance.

Risk mitigation is multi-faceted and complex:

  • • Risk assessment of current practices
  • • Internal control monitoring and auditing materials
  • • Customized procedure manual and written policies
  • • Review of potentially unfair, deceptive, or abusive acts or practices
  • • Establishing policies and controls for third-party conduct
  • • Third-party agreement and contractual performance standards
  • • Statistical and management reporting
  • • Internal and external audit reporting
  • • Compensation, incentive, and contract management
  • • Identification of deficiencies and recommended corrective actions
  • • Initial and on-going training
  • • Performance reviews and audits
  • • Discipline policies and records of disciplinary actions
  • • Consumer complaint receipt, recording, and response procedures
  • • Consumer privacy controls

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